The Ten Steps to an Early Morning Diaper Change

Diaper Changing - Step One

Diaper Changing - Step OneStep 1 – Remove dirty diaper.
Step 2 – Frantically try to catch and clean the fresh stream of urine.
Step 3 – Clean infant and outfit with new diaper.
Step 4 – Groan at the sound of a fresh diaper deposit.
Step 5 – Subtract precious minutes of sleep as you wait for any additional deposits.
Step 6 – Replace current dirty diaper with clean one.
Step 7 – Desperately try to sooth infant who will cry for almost no reason.
Step 8 – Swaddle infant and rock until asleep.
Step 9 – Place infant into bassinet.
Step 10 – Lay back down and instead of sleeping, stare at ceiling wide awake and willfully hold back the urge to scream Fu….

Photo courtesy of sunsurfr.

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